Book Review: ‘Adventureman’ by Jamie McDonald

Following a dream is tough but rewarding.

Adventureman relays Jamie’s 10-month unsupported journey across the breadth of Canada, ending in early 2014. By running a marathon a day for 200 consecutive days he raised £250,000 for children’s hospitals.

Anyone can support your mission.

Despite the harsh and treacherous conditions Jamie maintained a positive outlook and open heart.

He encountered many strangers who supported him with either food, donations, accommodation or encouragement. Although some view Jamie’s trek as crazy and life-threatening he proves that dreaming big can not only achieve a personal record but positively affect the lives of others.

Jamie uses his strength of character, high pain threshold and fearlessness to great effect throughout his incredible adventure. Jamie also outlines his philosophy on education, recovery and community spirit.

Running can be a moral act.

Jamie’s story excites my imagination to undertake an amazing feat of my own. He reminds me that endurance running is travelling and can promote modern altruism, demonstrated through the Super Hero Foundation, a charity he co-founded. His lack of planning is bold, and teaches me that uncertainty is a natural feeling that should be harnessed. I had never heard of Terry Fox before but Jamie is another contemporary runner that raises awareness for important causes.

Jamie continues to make a tangible difference. The world record he set in 2012 for the longest time riding a stationary bike non-stop (over 268 hours) proves that if you are brave you can accomplish astonishing acts.

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