Podcast Review: Sage Running

The Sage Running Podcast offers listeners comprehensive advice and inspiration on running any distance. The podcast is led by pro ultra mountain trail runner Sage Canaday and his partner Sandi Nypaver. They are both American running coaches who own and run Sage Running, a website packed with resources to support athletes to become stronger and more confident.

The podcast focuses on practical tips to improve endurance, speed and technique.

Sage and Sandi also share their race reports and training routines. A number of inspiring and experienced runners have been interviewed, such as trail runner ‘The Ginger Runner’, former Olympic athlete Mike Aish and mountain ultrarunner Hayden Hawks.

I particularly enjoyed episode number 7, where Sage and Sandi interview Sandi’s sister Rachel. They discuss strategies that runners can use to become mentally resilient and overcome pain, injury and bad performances. These include visualisation, non-resistance, positive attitude and mantras.

I subscribe to The Sage Running Podcast because I find Sage’s philosophy on running refreshing and humbling.

I agree with him that there should be a zero tolerance policy on performance-enhancing drugs and that even after a poor race outcome you should remain upbeat.

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