Audiobook Review: ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’

Vassos Alexander details his running races across Europe including the Great North Run, the ultramarathon 100km to the Stones and numerous marathons, many of which he experiences with his Greek cousin.

Alexander is a British radio presenter and sports journalist, who began running when he realised he was overweight. He stopped smoking but continued to drink coffee and alcohol.

Every chapter of the book starts with commentary of each mile of the marathon section of the Outlaw Ironman Triathlon he completed. Next, he outlines his thoughts on past races, injuries and training. The final part covers stories from inspirational runners, some of whom are famous. These include Paula Radcliffe, Joss Naylor, Steve Cram, Jonathan Bailey, Lord Smithe, Nicky Campbell, Angela Copson, Sally Gunnell, Jenson Button, Chrissie Wellington, Liz and Martin Yelling, Tom Williams, Neil McAndrew, Helen Skelton-Myler, Rory Coleman, Allison Curbishley, Jo Pavey, Colin Jackson, Graham Albans and Scott Forbes.

All these runners give a brief insight as to how they got into running, their training routine, as well as their achievements and advice.

The audiobook is narrated by the author, which emphasises his humorous personality and confident persona.

He reveals his top five favourite runs in the UK and abroad, and provides his children’s perspective on running.

His journey as an experienced runner includes visiting physiotherapists, encouraging his children to run his local Parkrun and training alongside his dog.

Alexander’s story is relatable, interesting and reminds me that every run can feel like a victory.

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