Sit-up Training

Sit-ups strengthen the abdominal muscles. These muscles are the core stability the rest of the body relies upon.

I find sit-ups one of the easiest core exercises. This means that I often need to complete more to maintain and improve. I use an Abmat, an abdominal training mat, to support my back as I attempt to reach new personal records through the 200 Sit-up challenge.

There are so many variations of sit-ups but they all require good technique in order to avoid lower back pain.

The abs must be engaged and feet firmly planted. Exhale as you lift and inhale as you lower. The head should remain still with the arms across the chest or hands beside or behind the head.

Sit-up Phase 2

Personal records [using Abmat; in order of easiest to hardest]

Traditional Sit-ups

Consecutive – 63

1 minute – 32

2 minutes – 63

50 sit-ups – 1:18

100 sit-ups – 2:52

Decline / Slant Sit-ups

1 minute – 42

5kg Weighted Sit-ups

50 sit-ups – 2:01

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