How to Squat to Improve Running


Squats build the leg and buttock muscles that supports your running form.

I enjoy this core exercise the most because I can do them fast while maintaining good form. However, due to my strong quadriceps I must complete many reps to feel the burn.

I complete two variations of the exercise: the standard and the jumping. Both require a straight back, bent slightly forward with knees not bowing outwards. Jumping squats need a good stable landing, ideally on the midfoot, with arms swinging high as you lift up from the ground.

This more challenging exercise is also ideal to work your cardiovascular system.

Personal records


1 minute – 59 consecutively

2 minutes – 124 consecutively

100 reps – 1:31

150 reps – 2:22


1 minute – 43 consecutively

2 minutes – 61

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