Why Run Strides

Definition of Strides

Strides are short bursts of running, with a purpose.

You gradually increase your pace to reach top speed, then gradually reduce until you return to a stationary position.

This is completed over an estimated 80-100m stretch of flat ground, which means your top speed at the 40-50m mark is maintained for only a few seconds.

Rest until you feel ready to complete another stride.

Repeat the process at least four times.

Benefits of Strides

It is essential to run strides prior to a hard running workout.

  • Elevate your heart rate, so your body is able to adjust better to your upcoming effort.
  • Mentally prepare you by replicating the speed you will be running.
  • An opportunity to practice your ideal running form.

It is also an appropriate running drill to undertake after a comfortable run.

  • A good addition to your cool-down routine.
  • Perfect as a means of stretching out the legs post-run.
  • An enjoyable exercise to mix into your training.

My Strides

I always run strides as part of my structured warm-up before a speed interval session or threshold run. I usually run strides after two easy runs per week, which gives me confidence for the next day’s workout, which is often a harder run.

My strides are slightly shorter in distance and last 10 seconds each. I then take a 20-second break. I complete a total of 8 strides, which last 4 minutes altogether.

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