The Benefits of Indoor Triathlons

In March 2011 I completed my first indoor triathlon events, which were organised by work colleagues at my university sports centre.

The half triathlon consisted of rowing 1500m, cycling 6km and running 2km, all completed using gym equipment.

I trained without a structured plan. Instead I focused on completing CrossFit workouts. I finished in 24 minutes and 1 second.

Due to my university schedule I could only undertake the full triathlon two days later.

I had no intention of missing it, despite a little leg soreness.

Colleagues kept encouraging me as I rowed 3000m, cycled 12km and ran 3km in a time of 44 minutes and 20 seconds.

I came first.

The challenge proves I can work hard to persevere and counteract any fatigue. My cross-training in the gym complimented my fitness and performances.

I preferred the indoor form than the traditional outdoor sport because the transitions are short (due to the lack of distance between machines) and require no change of clothing or gear.

These events were an effective and flexible test of cardiovascular fitness and can be modified as a training tool to meet running goals.

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