Running Tips from Lazy Girl

The Lazy Girl Running Podcast is unique because Laura (and her friends) provide humorous commentary during their races, including the London Marathon, and reflect on interesting sightings and interactions. Despite facing challenges along the way, they are always encouraging and enjoy each other’s company.

Plus, there are fascinating interviews with both new and experienced ultrarunners, including Anna McNuff (who ran across New Zealand), Elise Downing (who ran the coast of Britain) and Nicky Spinks (who holds records as a fell runner and is a cancer survivor).

Listening to all 23 short episodes I discovered swim running, where you interchange between running and swimming outdoors, and the UnderRound event, an unofficial marathon across London with tube station platforms as checkpoints.

The down-to-earth hosts demonstrate the fun and social aspect of running, which is just as inspirational as accomplishing fast times. Laura’s guests encourage yoga, positive body image, and not feeling guilty about fitting in training around work and family commitments. They are also open about issues such as incontinence, pregnancy and drinking alcohol, all whilst running.

My favourite podcast episodes are number 13 and 17, where Laura speaks to life coach Liz Goodchild about how to best tackle life and running problems. She advises undertaking a ‘no pressure’ period to test habits when wanting to make significant changes, and that after long-term injury past performances are not the measure for comparison in the future. She also outlines that applying retrospective fulfilment to past training can stimulate a positive mindset.

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