Why I Run: Reason 1

One of the pleasures of running is that you can see places from a unique perspective; unlike travelling on a bicycle, personal vehicle or public transport, running is a slower, yet purposeful means of visiting new locations.

Similar to walking, running has given me an opportunity to explore my local area in my work lunch break, or at either end of the day. On holiday I have seen intriguing landscapes.

On recovery runs I can enjoy a ‘tour of streets’, that although nearby, I would never have otherwise witnessed. I have encountered many scenes through running, and have interacted with nature by running ‘off-road’. Certain running routes are off-limits for anything other than two feet and I have been inspired to write poetry and record my adventures.

I have run on the streets of Chicago in the United States, the beaches of southern Spain, up the hills in the Peak District, in the Suffolk countryside, and all over my home county of Essex.

I look forward to running in many more locations because if you keep an open mind, you can always take a path you have never run before. Unless you do, you will never know what it may hold…

Follow me on Instagram @GroundedRunner to see images of my running routes.

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