My Favourite Post-Run Stretch

Forward Hang Stretch

Every runner understands the importance of injury-prevention. Stretching post-run is an important element of avoiding pain and ultimately a lay-off.

I always start my post-run stretching routine by targeting my groin. I use a standing position to first hang forward and hold for 10-20 seconds.

Next I lean into one leg for the same length of time, then lean into the other (both feet pointing straight forward).


The linear function of running means that the inner thighs do not experience the full range of movement. Thus, these stretches alleviate the buildup of tension. This act will help mitigate situations like the one I experienced before the Hardwick 10k.

Along with testing my flexibility, this adductor stretch feels particularly satisfying, as any aching dissipates during the seconds I hold the stretch.

Another variation is the seated groin stretch, which I have undertaken during my morning stretching routine prior to any running.

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