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“I owe any kind of success I ever had to John’s [my coach’s] hard work… he’s completely changed my life.”

Dina Asher-Smith, 2018 joint-fastest woman in the world

Before I devise any training plans or specific workouts, I guide you through a 3-part assessment.

The purpose of this is for both of us to better understand your current fitness level and running ability.

The data also becomes the starting point of our journey together, which can be used for comparison and progression.

3-Part Assessment

Muscle Assessment


This assessment comprises of 6 exercises, all of which are indicators of the strength, endurance and stability of important isolated muscles.

These include the upper body, core and lower body.

The results indicate any imbalances, weaknesses, tightnesses, and strengths.

They form the basis of my recommendations of your strength and conditioning routine.

No equipment is required, and the exercises can be performed in 30 minutes in the comfort of your home.

Therefore this assessment is ideal as a convenient and effective method of examining important muscle groups used in running.

Running Technique Assessment


This assessment comprises of 5 challenges, all of which reveal your natural running style.

These include your arm drive, posture, knee lift, foot placement along with many other signs of misalignments and mismatches compared to optimal running form.

The results form the basis of my recommendations of the running techniques you should focus on during the upcoming block of training.

This video-based assessment is the ideal visual representation to examine important mechanical efficiencies in your running style.

The 30 minutes spent with someone who can film you running is invaluable to your knowledge and progression to a stronger athlete.

Running Curriculum Vitae 


This written exercise comprises of 5 tasks, which collate past performances and reflections, as well as future ambitions and a draft timeline for your desired goals.

The documents not only summarise you as a runner but highlight your unique ambitions.

They form the basis of my recommendations on how to structure the training cycles.

The documents can be created in 30 minutes in the comfort of your home.

Therefore, they can easily become a powerful motivator for your running in the short-term.

I can also hold you accountable as you progress towards your goals.

Personalised Plan

Timeline for Success

Based on your Running CV we will create a timeline for your running career.

This means that all your goals are mapped into a realistic timeframe, broken into decades and years.

Depending upon your ambitions I will set overarching training cycles (called mesocycles) that need to be implemented.

This doesn’t mean that your running is set in stone, as you may wish to add or take some away ideas.

But this framework gives you the confidence that all future ambitions can be achieved.

Periodised Training

Your personalised training plan and race strategy is linked to your 12-week goal.

This includes a routine of core exercises, stretches and mental strengthening approaches specific to your goal and relevant to your level of fitness.

Nutrition and hydration advice is also included in order to improve recovery and aid injury prevention.


The feedback I receive from you will determine how I modify and progress your training plan.

This will take the form of an online running log that we both monitor and add information to.

Although I take a long-term perspective of your training I only set a week of workouts in advance.

This ensures that we remain focused and can adapt quickly to any changes in life circumstances or running setbacks.

I am available to answer any questions throughout the week, but the 20-minute weekly video call is the structured time to review performance and progress to date.

A summary table of my service can be read in Pricing.