The Vision


During summer 2017 I evaluated my running career and produced my running CV. In six years I had amassed almost twenty races, improved all my personal bests and accumulated many positive memories.

Despite my personal success I felt I needed to draft a long-term strategy in order to dedicate more time to lifetime ambitions. I effectively created a 73-year timeline for my running. Although this will inevitably change in time this creative task helped me plan my next three running seasons.

In September 2020 I will turn 30. So to appreciate the remainder of my 20s I devised ‘Project Twenty’. This plan encompasses the following goals:

  • Qualify for the London Marathon – by running a sub 3:05 marathon
  • Run a sub 5:00 mile – outside of race conditions
  • Win a running race – the Clacton Half Marathon
  • Win a parkrun – in a location in England
  • Run the London Marathon – with no expectation of improving my personal best
  • Run an ultramarathon – with no expectation other than to finish

My most recent running performances have been underpinned by the following components:

  • Vegan diet (since July 2015)
  • Stretch and core exercise routines*
  • Visualisation and mental training routines
  • Diverse range of comfortable sportswear**
  • Accurate and durable technology
  • ‘Barefoot’ shoes (since October 2014)
  • Coaching and mentoring other runners (since April 2016)

Although the specific aspects are unique to me I have become a faster, fitter and smarter runner because I have consciously changed the way I train, how I fuel and what I wear.

I have also been inspired by other runners and researched the technical aspects of running and racing. I intend to build on my strengths as an athlete and coach, and better adapt to the weaker areas of my running.

* These include, but are not limited to, squats, lunges, press-ups and sit-ups.
** These include, but are not limited to, socks, jackets and headgear.