Reading a Running Book - Grounded Runner

Every runner has a story.

For those who choose to write theirs, they become compelling and inspirational books.

These works provide unique advice that help every runner:

Any running dream is achievable with support from dedicated running partners, strangers and even animals such as a loyal dogs

Focus on replicating race conditions in training, practicing meticulously and viewing setbacks as building blocks for progress.

Aiming for running perfection is futile and pursuing a goal should never be stressful. Instead find other means to measure success and never regret quitting races

Use running to experience more of the world and give back to the community but be careful not to spend excessive amounts of money.

After all, running isn’t everything

Running Books - Grounded Runner

Recommended Books

Adventureman: The Astonishing True Story (2017) by Jamie McDonald
A Life Without Limits: A World Champion’s Journey (2012) by Chrissie Wellington with Michael Aylwin
Arthur: The Dog who Crossed the Jungle to Find a Home (2016) by Mikael Lindnord with Val Hudson
Faster Than Lightning: My Autobiography (2013) by Usain Bolt with Matt Allen
Finding Gobi: The True Story of a Little Dog and an Incredible Journey (2017) by Dion Leonard with Craig Borlase
Keep On Running: The Highs and Lows of a Marathon Addict (2012) by Phil Hewitt
Marathon Man: One Man, One Year, 370 Marathons (2016) by Rob Young with Dustin Brooks

Never Wipe Your Ass with a Squirrel (2013) by Jason Robillard
RUN! 26.2 Stories of Blisters and Bliss (2011) by Dean Karnazes
Running and Stuff (2015) by James Adams
Running up that Hill: The Highs and Lows of Going that Bit Further (2018) by Vassos Alexander
Running to Extremes (2012) by Lisa Tamati
Swim Bike Run: Our Triathlon Story (2013) by Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee with Tom Fordyce 

Twin Tracks: The Autobiography (2014) by Roger Bannister
Your Pace or Mine? What Running Taught Me About Life, Laughter and Coming Last (2016) by Lisa Jackson

The Athletic Brain: How Neuroscience is Revoluntionising Sport and Can Help You Perform Better (2016) by Amit Katwala
The Coach (2017) by Patrick Mouratoglou
For the Love of Running: A Companion (2017) by Paul Owen
Get Running (2011) by Matt Roberts
How to Run… Improve Your Speed, Stamina and Enjoyment from Fun Running to Full Marathons (2010) by Hugh Jones
Running Science: Optimising Training and Performance (2017) edited by John Brewer