Road Racing

Running on the Road

I ran my first road race in June 2011 inspired by colleagues and friends. It was then that I realised my true sporting passion.

Since then I have competed in over twenty more races. These events have ranged from 5 km to the marathon, mostly in my home county of Essex or where my family reside.

Every race presents different challenges outside runner’s control, such as the competition, course and weather. However, I have done my best to refine those fitness components I can determine, such as staying injury-free, training adequately and preparing psychologically

The memories of every performance will last a lifetime, along with all my medals and t-shirts I have accumulated.

Smiling Post-Race

Each of my races has taught me valuable lessons about expectation, pacing and perseverance. This has meant I am now a more adaptable runner, enduring a relatively high threshold of pain.

I have proved to myself I can lead a race from the start, compete with top local runners, withstand severe discomfort to record a personal best and even overcome fear to achieve a dream.

Competitors have also heightened my experiences by inadvertently pacing them, coaching them to the finish or running beside them.

Some races have been preparation for more important efforts, but on some occasions no amount of hard work would result in the outcome I wanted.

Ultimately, I have learnt that huge improvements can be made by acknowledging the importance of structured specific training, and not solely focusing on technology.