Why I Run: Reason 2

The Second Reason I Run

One of the fascinations I have with running is that it challenges me. Over time I have become obsessed with improving my aerobic capacity, becoming leaner and stronger than I ever have before. The driving force is my desire to know (and experience) my physiological and psychological limits.

I measure limits in different ways;

Distance – how far I can run without stopping, and over the course of a week, month or year

Pace – how fast I can run various distances, from 400m up to the marathon

Compared to Others – how close I can match the performances of fellow runners, local club runners and even Olympic and world record holders

Compared to Myself – how much I have improved since I first started running and in contrast to previous racing seasons

Ultimately, my intrigue and commitment originates from experimentation with my training to find the stress and load that produces the best results and to better deal with pain.

I believe my pursuit to discover the boundaries of my potential and maintain a high level of fitness, which includes a toned physique and sharp mind, will be a lifelong one.

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