The Importance of Running Socks

Colourful Running Toe Socks


Running socks are an important component of many runners’ clothing collections.

The main benefits of wearing socks whilst running include;

Protection – A layer between your shoe and foot reduces friction and thus blisters are less prone to occur

Comfort – The soft and snug material means your feet are more likely to retain the warmth created by the motion of running

White Running Toe Socks


As a runner who wears barefoot shoes I use toe socks. Similar to my shoes, my socks fit snug and offer flexibility.

In cold weather or if I intend to run longer than 45 minutes I wear them. I often run without them in warmer conditions, for speed workouts or when I choose a route where it is predominantly softer ground.

Grey Running Toe Socks

Issues and Advice

Despite my best efforts running socks quickly become worn, and cannot easily be repaired through restitching. Also, depending on the temperatures your feet can remain numb and become sore regardless of footwear.

Although the majority of the time running socks support your running there are some sensible choices you can make.

  • Do not buy socks that are too thick as the fit of your feet in the shoes becomes too tight.
  • Own many pairs of socks so you can rotate them and therefore not wear them out so soon.
  • Purchase socks that are practical rather than stylish, as expensive socks often wear out in the same time as cheaper ones.

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