Personal Bests and Illness

5-11 March 2018

Monday – workout #26

5 x ¾ mile at tempo pace with 3:00 walking recoveries

I ran laps around two football pitches in my local park.
The grass was wet and muddy.
My energy was being sapped, despite my even pace.
I worked hard to maintain a smooth and controlled breathing rate.
The walking recoveries were more than adequate.
By the end of the workout I doubted the effectiveness of grass as a surface to gain the most power from my running.
After two days of hard workouts I knew I needed rest.

Thursday – workout #27

½ mile time-trial

I felt ready to test myself over a short distance.
I measured the route beforehand along my local river walk in order to avoid traffic and undulating terrain.
I started on a quiet road at a quick speed.
I soon turned off and headed along the concrete pedestrian pathway.
My legs and arms were driving fast and strong.
I kept my concentration as I reached the final seconds, noticing that my pace was sub 5:00 per mile.
This was a real confidence booster for me, knowing that I have the speed, endurance and quick pace to achieve a sub 5-minute mile.
I smiled and congratulated myself when I checked my sports watch and discovered a new personal best.

Thursday – workout #28

11x 0.15-0.3 mile downhill sprints with 1:30 jogging recoveries

Despite my fast performance earlier in the day I couldn’t refuse a running club session that was described as the ‘easiest workout’.
I ran a figure of eight circuit, with the uphill midsection as the jogging recoveries and the downhill and flat sections as sprints.
I was by far the quickest runner on the night so even with a handicap of running an extra stretch of road I overtook everyone else.
At times I felt I was flying downhill, not wanting to hold back.
I was rewarded with another personal best of my fastest ever top speed.
The half hour workout didn’t feel as easy as was promoted but I found it evidenced my improving fitness.

One Mile Challenge: Week 10

My week started strong when I recorded two personal best times, first with a half mile time of 2:26.19, and second, later that day, a top speed of 3:27 per mile. Illness over the weekend prevented me from training but did not dent my confidence.

I took advantage of four rest days (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and had one easy day of running. I accumulated over 12.4 ‘recovery miles’.

I also registered for the Roger One Mile Time-Trial, a local event to commemorate the legendary miler Roger Bannister, which will be held next Saturday. It will be my first opportunity to achieve a lifetime aspiration.

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